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Title: Trace Evidence
Author: Elizabeth Becka
Number of Pages: 352 pages
Book Number/Goal:40/75
My Rating: 3/5

Review: First book (as far as I know) by Elizabeth Becka. A solid thriller about a forensic scientist but not as good as Kathy Reichs' books.

Title: The Green Mile 1 - 6
Author: Stephen King
Number of Pages: 95 pages (each book)
Book Number/Goal: 41-46/75
My Rating: 4/5

Review: An old man, a former prison guard, looks back on his life and the events which took place in the prison he worked at in 1932. An enjoyable read.

Title: Odd and the Frost Giants
Author: Neil Gaiman
Number of Pages: 96 pages
Book Number/Goal: 47/75
My Rating: 4/5

Review: Odd, a young lame Norseman, leaves his village to live in the forest. There he meets the gods Loki, Odin and Thor in their animal form. He learns that they have been tricked out of Asgard by a Frost Giant. Odd decides to help the gods and they travel to Asgard where Odd tricks the Frost Giant into re-turning home. The goddess Freya heals his leg and Odd returns home to Midgard.

A quick, enjoyable read and not only for kids.

Title: Through Blood and Fire at Gettysburg
Author: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
Number of Pages: 60 pages
Book Number/Goal: 48/75
My Rating: 4.5/5

Review: Anyone who's ever heard about the American Civil War has probably heard about Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and the 20th Maine. This book is a re-print of a magazine article Lawrence Chamberlain wrote in 1913. He describes the events of the battle of Gettysburg and the role he and his regiment played in it.

The book is a good read although the old-fashioned flowery style makes it some-times a bit difficult. Nevertheless, it's interesting to read a first-hand account of one of the major battles of the Civil War.

Title: Skeleton Man
Author: Tony Hillerman
Number of Pages: 282 pages
Book Number/Goal: 49/75
My Rating: 3.5/5

Review: In Hillerman's 17th Leaphorn/Chee novel, the Navajo Tribal Police investigates a robbery and discovers that the crime might have something to do with a plane crash which took place in 1956.

Not as good as 'The Ghostway' or 'The Wailing Wind' but still interesting enough to keep me reading. I admit that I'm more interested in the descriptions of the rituals and customs of the Navajo than in reading about the crimes Leaphorn and Chee have to solve but I've enjoyed Hillerman's books so far.

Title: The Soul Catcher
Author: Alex Kava
Number of Pages: 436 pages
Book Number/Goal: 50/75
My Rating: 3.5/5

Review: Another novel featuring FBI Special Agent Maggie O'Dell. Here she investigates the murder of a senator's daughter which might be connected to a religious cult and its charismatic leader.

Alex Kava writes thrillers with an interesting female character. I enjoyed reading 'The Soul Catcher' but I always feel like something's missing though (I can't really explain it).

Title: Retribution
Author: Jillian Hoffman
Number of Pages: 544 pages
Book Number/Goal: 51/75
My Rating: 3/5

Review: A law student is raped in her apartment in New York but unfortunately, no one is ever put to trial for the crime. Ten years later, the former law student is working as a district attorney in Miami where she comes across a serial killer...

The books is gripping in the beginning and the middle but I found the ending very unsatisfying.
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